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JAMIE GORELICK went straight from college to law school and into the practice of law, working for eighteen years at a small firm in Washington, DC, where she litigated all manner of civil and criminal cases. She also became involved with two then-new women's organizations, handling pro bono cases. She's been in and out of government, starting with a part-time stint at the Defense Department during her third year in practice, then at the Energy Department working for the secretary of energy. Later, in the Clinton administration, she served as general counsel of the Department of Defense and deputy attorney general (and was among the longest-serving deputy AGs). She has also been a member of many government boards and commissions, including the 9/11 Commission and currently sits on the Defense Policy Board.

Jamie's private practice at WilmerHale, which she joined in 2003, revolves around litigation, public policy and national security issues. Many of her cases involve cleaning up big messes that have implications in all three branches of government and in the press. Her pro bono practice focuses on women's rights, gay rights, and access to housing. She is a founder and longtime board member of the Washington Legal Clinic for the Homeless. Jamie has also been active in the bar, serving as DC Bar president twenty years ago and now as cochair of the American Bar Association Commission on Ethics 20/20. Jamie is on the boards of Amazon and United Technologies and was on the board of Schlumberger and Fannie Mae, where she was vice chair from 1997 to 2003. She is a longtime board member of the MacArthur Foundation and previously served on Harvard's Board of Overseers. In 1975, Jamie married Rich Waldhorn, a physician at Georgetown University Hospital, where he has had just about every job from intern to chief of medicine. He also worked at the Center for Bio-Security, helping to prepare the health care system for a biological disaster. They have two grown children, Daniel and Dana, and live just outside of Washington, DC.

Eleven years after the event, the leadership lessons hidden inside the story of 9/11.

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